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The concept of using advanced differential air pressure (DAP) technology for weight support was originally conceived by Dr. Robert Whalen, while he was studying the biomechanics of exercise in space. Alter-G has developed this concept into a technology for use in training and rehabilitation and developed a user-friendly platform with ergonomics and adjustability that suit an extraordinarily wide range of users. This innovative technology offers an option to continue cardiovascular workouts for patients recovering from fractures or surgeries that do not allow full-weight bearing exercise, for example certain types of spinal, hip, or knee surgeries.  Athletes can continue training even when injured!  Unloading body weight allows for continued training for runners with achilles tendon injuries, plantar fasciitis and other injuries of the lower extremities. So whether you’re seeking an effective way to enhance high-performance athletic training, or have rehabilitation needs, the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill can help you achieve your goals.

Membership Packages

  • Gold membership $100.00 monthly.  Up to 3 weekly 45 minute sessions.CIMG3712
  • Platinum membership $200 monthly.  Up to 4 weekly  90 minute sessions.
  • OR: Purchase multiple sessions with our multi-visit card and save! Purchase ten 30-45 minute visits on the Alter-G for $200. Individual sessions are $25.00 each. All sessions must be scheduled.

Patients working with Alter-G’s Anti-Gravity equipment report:

• Faster return to normal range of motion.
• Improved strength and flexibility.
• Safer, more effective proprioceptive retraining.

How does it work? The machine creates a powerful lifting force known as Air Pressure Differential that allows ultra-low impact training. Your body is surrounded by an airtight enclosure which becomes pressurized. You can adjust the amount of body weight on your legs and feet by controlling the amount of lifting force. The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to find your comfort zone, and you can reduce your body weight by up to 80%!

Top six reasons to try the Anti-Gravity Treadmill®:

  1. Exercise with full range of motion.IMG_1106
  2. Work out with your natural gait and rhythm.
  3. Minimize pain during rehabilitation.
  4. Enhance your fitness level.
  5. Maintain strength and build endurance.
  6. Senior rehabilitation and mobility.

Ask your doctor or health care practitioner to consider making the Anti-Gravity Treadmill® an important part of your rehabilitation and regeneration process. Begin to work out as soon as possible after your surgery or injury. Call Mountain View Physical Therapy for more information! 303-674-7889


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Self Pay Rates

Mountain View Physical Therapy offers a self-pay rate of $105 for the initial evaluation and $70 for subsequent visits.

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