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Custom Orthotics

Every foot is a unique and complex machine that requires proper support. Digital Feet LLC uses state of the art computer technology to scan your foot and create a highly accurate 3D casting image to give you a precise and comfortable fit. A CAD/CAM mill then creates the orthotic or insole from a digital foot file. An infinite variety of adjustments can be easily incorporated into the digital image prior to fabrication. This provides you with the perfect fit, at a cost substantially lower than traditional cast orthotics. We use softer and more durable EVA material to provide a comfortable fit in a variety of shoes:

  • Walking Shoes
  • Hiking Boots
  • Ski Boots
  • Golf Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Work Boots

The Perfect Fit

No matter what you are doing, from just walking to playing or whatever sport you enjoy, it all begins with your feet. If your feet feel good so will the rest of your body. The insole is your shoe’s steering system and without it you lose all the support and precision of a comfortable well-fitting shoe. To experience the superior perfect fit of Digital Feet insoles, all you have to do is put them in your favorite shoes and walk. You will feel increased performance in your athletic activities and more comfort overall.

Automated Orthosis

Contact Digitizing is not in the future – it is the present and it works on a simple concept. You step or place your foot upon the platform of tiny dull posts 4mm in width and it conforms to the shape of your foot. Your foot makes an impression and you can feel the posts and give feedback about the comfort. We can then view the entire two dimensional image on an computer monitor and make the corrections to a 3D image of the device on the screen. With this kind of accurate measuring and analyzing we can detect rotational and alignment problems. We don’t just analyze your feet, we can analyze the sport you play. There is a direct correlation from your feet to your knees, back and other critical joints from the heavy pounding of running or everyday walking. You want to have the optimum performance and maximum comfort. It all comes down to a perfect fit.


Our custom orthotics are $230.00 per pair, which includes the screen and scan, plus the orthotic and fitting.  If additional pairs are desired, the cost is $115.00 for pairs not requiring another scan.


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Self Pay Rates

Mountain View Physical Therapy offers a self-pay rate of $105 for the initial evaluation and $70 for subsequent visits.

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