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Fall Prevention Through Exercise by Valerie Gluth It is estimated that one-third of adults age 65 years and older living in a community suffer from a fall each year.  As Physical Therapists, we often see patients for complications resulting from a fall, such as fractures, surgery related to a fracture, back pain or persisting dizziness or loss of balance. Read More

Fall Fitness & Gearing Up for Winter Activities by Hannah Newberry Autumn, a beautiful but short season in Colorado, is marked by the fiery explosion of golden aspen leaves, brisk weather, the first signs of snow capped peaks, and days that seem to shorten all too quickly.  As we use this time to prepare our minds for the coming winter, so too should we prepare our bodies for winter activities. Read More

In Need of Dry Needling? by Valerie Gluth It’s understandable that for some, needles evoke less than positive emotions, but if you are having certain types of pain related to injury, the relief and healing gained through this exciting and effective technique using needles could possibly change your mind. Read More

Balance is Key by Lanette Vogel Our balance (or lack there of) is controlled by three systems in our bodies: the visual system (focusing with our eyes), the proprioceptive system (our joint receptors telling us where our foot is in space), and the vestibular system (the inner ear, which tells our brain the movement of our body in space).  Many of us will feel “out of balance” at some point in time, and in fact, dizziness accounts for six million clinic visits per year! Read More

What Can a Physical Therapist do for Me? by Valerie Gluth As a member of the health care team, I’d like to provide a brief history of the profession of physical therapy, what the education and role of a physical therapist is, what it means to go directly to a physical therapist, and your ability to choose where you go for treatment. Read More

Plantar Fasciitis by Valerie Gluth Often times, along with our desire to exercise outside comes the increased susceptibility towards injury, and plantar fasciitis is one of the more common injuries associated with running and hiking, especially in the 35-55 age range. Read More

Medicare and Physical Therapy by Caryl Fank Are you confused about your Medicare B physical therapy benefits? Are you confused about what ‘therapy cap exception’ means? If so, you are not alone! Read More

It Pains Me… But Why? by Hannah Newberry Let’s briefly review the mechanism of and response to pain, the measurement of pain and our perception or experience of pain. Read More
Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow by Hannah Newberry Whether it’s tennis, golf, baseball, gardening or working on/around the house, our excited participation can produce repetitive stress injuries, and the elbow very commonly bears the brunt. Herein, you will find information about elbow tendinitis in its two forms that may give you an edge in returning to spring activities (hopefully) without pain! Read More


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